Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Hall of Fame Nominees!

Ok it's that time again for a new inductee into the Pirates Online Hall of Fame. As always we have a nice list of nominees, including a couple players being nominated for the first time.

Admiral_Spirit - Rating: 1687; tourney wins: 11; Record: 48-16 Spirit didn't play too many tourneys but those who played against him will never forget the incredible winning streak he went on during April of 2007....29 match wins in a row! A record that many of us feel might never be broken. His four turn Titan showed a lot of players just how action crew should be used.

Bootyjuice - Rating: 1750; tourney wins: 8; Record: 152-171 Booty has grown into being one of the best players in the game during the past 6 months. He's also one of the reasons the rogues have grown into the largest guild in the game. A fair and honest player, definitely a worthy nominee.

cbw92 - Rating: 1821; tourney wins: 10; Record: 154-98 cbw is now one of the leaders of the Iron Clads, a great guild for sure. He has always been consistent and a threat to win any tourney he joins. cbw is young but you'd never know it, as he is one of the most respected players in the game, whether in tourney or in casual.

Maheswani - Rating: 1842; tourney wins: 11; Record: 88-47 Mahe is a threat no matter the format. He is also one of the biggest reason for the growth of the rogues. Mahe is highly skilled at creating interesting and nasty fleets in any format. He is also great at training new players.

Tupemaro - Rating: 1902; tourney wins: 26; Record: 169-58 Tupe is a great player in any format...both an innovator and a power-gamer. Tupe is the number one deathmatch player, where he's practically unbeatable, and always hard to beat in any other format. Many feel he's the best player in the game. Tupe is the only player to have won a tourney in every available format.

Philneous - Rating: 1752; tourney wins: 4; Record: 127-140 Phil, like bootyjuice, has greatly improved this past year, becoming one of the toughest players in the game. A great player, always fair and gracious in victory or defeat.

Voting will end Sunday March 15, at 8:50 pm. The results will be announced on the Pirates Online Radio Show that night.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Before you vote!!!

Each person may vote only once. Please keep in mind that this is not a popularity contest. Players such as Tupemaro, who are in very small guilds, have a bit of a disadvantage if people vote based solely on their guilds. Try to vote for the best person for each category, not your favorite guildmate.

Here is a bit more information on each of the nominees (of course I'm not going to write about myself...I'll let someone else do that, if they want:)):

Pirate of the Year

Red Dragon - 23 Tourney wins - 6 Battlelines, 5 Deathmatch, 12 Standard - Earned Bronze and Gold Skull

Tupemaro - 20 Tourney wins - 3 commons only, 3 editions, 13 Deathmatch, 1 battlelines - earned Gold Skull

Tupe is obviously one of the toughest competitors out there. His 20 tourney wins in 2008 is second only to myself. He brings a great deal of ingenuity and tenacity to any format he plays. A great many players owe their DM signature fleets to ideas they gleened from Tupe.

Capt. Ron - 12 Tourney wins - 12 Standard - earned Gold Skull

Yes, Capt.Ron is a standard powerhouse but don't mistake Ron for only being a Std player...he's a strategist of the highest order no matter which format he plays. He proved in the KOTI's that he could be one of the best DM players in the game if he just gave it a chance. One of the best in the game.

Maheswani - 10 Tourney wins - 3 Standard, 3 Deathmatch, 1 Editions, 2 Battlelines, 1 Sealed - earned Bronze Skull

Maheswani is always extremely creative in his fleet building. Like Tupe, many players have copy-catted fleets they've watched him play. A tough competitor in any format.

DM Player of the Year

Tupemaro - 13 DM wins

Tupe is a shut down player in DM. Very few can beat him and no one can beat him consistently. His fleet building and tactics changed the way the DM game is played.

Vargakrynn - 11 DM wins

Has grown into a tough competitor in DM, as shown by his 11 DM wins this year. In tiny format, he appears to be almost unbeatable. We all hope he plays more often this next year.

RedDragon - 5 wins

Std Player of the Year

Capt. Ron - 12 wins

One of the best players ever to charge into the Std waters. Inventive and powerful, his game has improved drastically this past year. Ron has the ability to win any Std. tourney he plays, especially the 40 and 60 Std tourneys which he now has down to an art form.

RedDragon - 12 wins

Metal Carnage - 7 wins

Described by many as the King of Std. Many players, including myself, have Metal to thank for their use of UT's, whirlpools, hidden cove, and general tactics/strategies. Metal's play in 60 std changed the way the game is played. He had 7 wins this year...and that was after only having played half the year!

CBW - 5 wins

CBW has learned a lot this year and has grown into a very inventive and tough competitor himself. A challenge to whomever he faces.

Noob of the Year

Vargakrynn - 16 wins - earned Bronze Skull about a great rookie year. 16 wins is third only to Tupemaro and RedDragon. Look out for him in the tiny tourneys, where he's almost unstoppable. A great new player for sure!

Jigbim - 5 wins

This guy just keeps getting better. Look out for him this next year.

Ktargh - 2 wins

2009 could very well be the year of Ktargh! A truly "great talent", as described by Tupemaro, and one player to watch.

Redfang28 - 6 wins - earned Bronze Skull

Rarely does someone take an unconventional fleet and make it into a winner. Redfang did just that with his version of the treasure trader fleet. It had the ability to win in the first turn.

DMJ - 4 wins

Could be a force to be reckoned with this next year. Once he makes a few adjustments to his game, he'll be competing with Tupe and Varg very soon.

Up and Coming


Will be a contender for Pirate of the Year next year at this time. His DM and Std games are equally solid. Good to see someone out there who likes to play all formats and plays them well. Even the best vets do not go into a game with booty lightly. He even took my first gold skull!!


Like I said before, watch out for this guy in 2009.


Could be the next great DM player sometime soon.


This guy is almost ready for the big time. Shorty is a great guy and always tough to beat in any format.


Has improved drastically the past few months. Good player in any format.

Pirate Ambassador


What can I say? He looks out for noobs and built one of the strongest guilds the game has ever seen. Always offering a helping hand and going beyond what is asked of him to help the game grow. A true leader.


Everything from recruiting to starting up new-player tourneys...cbw has become a great leader and ambassador for the game.


Ok, his fiery forum posts aside, DJ always has the best intentions for the game at heart. Does a great job helping noobs and coming up with interesting ways to play the game. Commonpool is a Pirates institution thanks to DJ.


With Keel, built the Rogues into a great guild. Always working to find ways to get noobs involved and trained. The up and comer list have a lot to thank Mahe for.